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Safe capture of Combustible Dusts

The Problem

Sander Geophysics is a Canadian based  manufacturer of components for the aerospace industry. They have come to DiversiTech to provide a solution for their aluminum, steel and composite dust generating operations. The client wanted to have all the dust collect in one central unit however, mixing ferrous and non-ferrous metal in the same dry collector posses serious risk of fire and explosion.

The Solution

DiversiTech installed a 3000 CFM wet dust collector connected to all seven stations (2 band saws, 1 spindle sander, 1 cut off saw, 1 drill press, 1 belt sander and 1 spare port for shop clean-up). The use of water in the dust collection process mitigates the safety hazards such as fire and explosion, and allows for the collection of all dust in a central location. A cost effective, NFPA compliant & safe solution that offers reduced maintenance costs.


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